Engaged in Paris!


It was a beautiful spring day in Paris.  We had been wandering around all day.  We thought we were someplace else, but then K noticed ‘The Thinker’ over a wall and said “The Rodin museum!  Let’s go in!”

I’d been looking for the perfect time and place to propose.  I’d been carrying the ring around for a few days, but no moment had seemed right.  I’d planned on the gardens at the Palace of Versailles, seeing how as she loves gardens and, come on – Versailles!  However, it just wasn’t right.  The gardens were huge, but we never had any privacy.  I knew she didn’t want a big crowd at her proposal.  Also, there were very few spots with flowers, which is what I figured she would prefer.  But now we were at the Rodin Museum, and I figured that a museum would not work at all for a proposal.  Once we got out back in the gardens I began to change my mind.  At the far end of the lawn there’s a fountain with a sculpture of a father and his sons playing.  There were a lot of people there, many sketching the fountain.  But around the back side there was some privacy, and lots of greenery.  Perfect!  But, for some reason, I didn’t suggest we sit down.  I was kicking myself the whole time as we continued on the path up the side of the garden, looking at sculptures.  We went in the house, too.  From the upstairs window I could see down the lawn to the fountain, and kicked myself again.  Where would I find a better spot?  In beautiful gardens, behind a lovely house, with a few beautiful buildings in view over the wall?  How was I going to top that?  And I had blown it!

After we came out of the house K suggested that we go back through the garden.  I don’t know why she said it, but this was my reprieve!  We went all the way around, stopping here and there to see some flowers.  As we passed behind the fountain, I saw that the chairs I’d been planning on using were now occupied.  As we went just a tiny bit further, an open bench appeared.  I suggested that we sit down for a bit.  We talked a bit, and I pulled out the ring box without her noticing.  I said “K, this has been a wonderful day, and I’d like you to make it a perfect day by agreeing to become my wife.  Will you marry me?” She’d seen what I had in my hand, and stopped breathing.  She started to tear up.  She couldn’t speak, but hugged me and kissed me.  I said “Does that mean yes?”

It did.

We sat for a long time, just enjoying the moment and savoring every second.  We took a few pictures of us and the ring.

We eventually continued our tour, but the rest was anti-climactic.  There was a Maplethorpe exhibit, and we left through the gift shop and headed out on our merry way.  And the rest is history!